Become a member of the València Convention Bureau program

Affiliate your establishment or company with the València Convention Bureau to receive a number of very interesting benefits:


  • Advice on choosing the most appropriate setting for any event, and information on the city’s infrastructure.
  • Assistance with site inspections for events to the city.
  • Networking with professionals from the tourism sector who are members of the Valencia Convention Bureau.
  • Develop & offer promotional materials about Valencia and general city information.
  • Assistance in the bidding process.
  • Participation in international fairs & specialized workshops.
  • Videos, images and different brochures.
  • Professional section of our website: People can get your details and contact you..
  • Besides, you will be given an access code so you can get information about companies that are holding events in our city (as long as we are authorised to provide this information) so that you can offer them your services.

Conditions to become a member of the VCB:

  • To be dedicated to an activity related to the organization of meetings, events, or services for the participants.
  • To be legally established and to present all guaranties both professional & economical.
  • To demonstrate a minimum of one year of professional activity from the moment of the application.
  • It will be valuable, to present to letters of support from two members of the VCB, besides two more from clients.
  • Regarding new construction hotel or other touristic accommodation, they would become a member since the moment of their opening to the public.
  • Restaurants to apply for the VCB should have the capacity to host groups from events.
  • The VCB committee has the right to ask for any extra information that may be applicable.

Obligations for the VCB members:

  • To maintain a high level of professionalism & quality in the services provided.
  • To pay on time its fee as a member of the VCB.
  • Facilitate information about the company’s activity when required.
  • Notify the VCB with changes in its property or aim of the company.


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