Organize your sustainable event in Valencia

Valencia's commitment to sustainability also extends to the events that take place in the city. Not only will you find hotels, venues and service providers that are striving to minimize their environmental impact, but many other opportunities to make your event more sustainable. 

Measure, reduce and offset your event's carbon footprint

Valencia is a pioneer in measuring and certifying the carbon footprint of tourism. Venues such as the Palacio de Congresos (Convention Center) and the City of Arts and Sciences also calculate the impact of the events they host. This will let you implement measures to reduce emissions, or initiatives to offset them.  

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Take advantage of sunlight

Valencia has plenty of sunshine and a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Take advantage of it to reduce energy consumption by hosting your event in one of our many outdoor spaces, or a venue with plenty of natural light. 

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Eliminate plastics 

Set up fresh water stations and encourage delegates to bring their own bottles. Serve food on porcelain plates and drinks in glass cups, or use containers made from eco-friendly materials such as bamboo. 

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Offer local catering 

With the abundance of fresh products from the Mediterranean and the many farms surrounding the city, it is easy to create healthy yet sustainable menus using local suppliers. 

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Reduce, reuse, recycle 

That's the key to minimizing waste. Replace printed materials with digital options, install containers to sort and recycle waste, and save any reusable decorations for future events.

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Offer two-wheeled options 

Nothing is too far away in Valencia, and the city's flat terrain, together with its climate, make it a pleasure to travel on foot or by bike, to get to your event too. Why not offer a bike rental service to your guests? 

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Add a complementary green program

Combine the event with healthy activities such as a bike ride through the Turia Garden or an outing to the Albufera Natural Park. 

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Encourage your guests to be sustainable

Give them information about hotels with ecological credentials close to the event, as well as walking, cycling or public transit routes and other tips to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Explore the city while taking care of the planet!

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Get around in Valencia with lower emissions
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Practice ecotourism in Valencia
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