Tips for organizing an accessible event

The city of Valencia is open to all, and our hotels and event spaces take every possible measure to be accessible to people with any type of disability. If you're thinking about hosting an event here, you too can help make it accessible.

  • Think of everyone: people with limited mobility, a visual or intellectual disability, difficulty hearing or speaking... and remember that not all disabilities are obvious.
  • Make it easy to register through various means, and always ask both the public and speakers or exhibitors to specify their accessibility needs.
  • Create a guide for the destination, venue and activity with all the relevant accessibility information (transportation, services, etc.), and make it available to everyone before the event.
  • Gather the best staff, with an easily identifiable accessibility manager, well-trained guides and at least one person who knows sign language.
  • Eliminate obstacles, use wide ramps, uniform flooring and non-slip carpets, and avoid overhanging elements at low heights or furniture that obstructs access.
  • In printed materials, use matte paper to avoid reflections, fonts type and sizes that are easy to read, and contrasting colors.
  • Make sure the signage, whether visual, auditory and/or tactile, is good.
  • During the event, supplement verbal communication with subtitles, interpreters, sound amplifiers, and offer alternatives to visual communication as well.
  • Most of all, treat people with disabilities naturally, respectfully, and with the same professionalism as everybody else.

For more information and tips, download our Guide to Organizing Accessible Events.



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