Abalone Events Catering & Venues

Grupo Abalone has been created and developed exclusively to offer a comprehensive service for event companies. We enhance the value of the event with our team, which combines youth and extensive experience in the sector, creating the perfect cocktail.
Madrid | Barcelona | Sevilla | Valencia | Bilbao | Lisboa
We take care of every detail so that your event is perfect. We develop our activity in the restoration of medium and high range, whether catering in specific events as in continuous catering services: restoration management in cultural, sports, business or other spaces, in addition to hotel catering. We have a presence throughout Spain and Portugal, our portfolio integrates a wide range of services.
Our areas are as follows:
Our experience and professional trajectory allows us to offer our clients a gastronomic experience without equal, in the most emblematic and exclusive spaces at national and international level.
Our portfolio integrates a wide range of services:
• Catering: You imagine it, we do it.
• Gastrolab & Chefs: The creative laboratory of our team of chefs.
• Venues: Exclusive and emblematic spaces.
• Abalone International: We work all over the world.
• ONSITE by Abalone: The most exclusive option in the complements of all events